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Grade Tracker


The Grade Tracker template is a very useful tool to share with students. The spreadsheet allows students to chart their own progress in a course. They can set a goal grade and see whether they are meeting those goals.

Research findings from faculty and student interviews and surveys have shown that providing clear grading guidelines and course participation requirements at the outset of the course are challenges in online courses. Providing a means for students to track their own grade throughout the semester will allow them to monitor their progress in the course at any given time, as well as what is expected of them throughout the semester. 

More in-depth information on using the Grade Tracker spreadsheet is available by clicking on the embedded Word Document in the Grade Tracker Template (highlighted by the red arrow in figure 1).


Please click below for an audio introduction to the Grade Tracker template.


Permission was granted to include the Grade Tracker in the UDI e-Toolbox by:

Garewski, D. (2009). Internal product for the Center for Students with Disabilities. Storrs: University of Connecticut, Center for Students with Disabilities.

Instructions on How to Use Grade Tracker

Please click here to download the Grade Tracker Template Excel spreadsheet.

Please click here to download a pdf of the instructional guide to the Grade Tracker Template.

Please click here for a video demonstration of Grade Tracker.

Technical Requirements of the Grade Tracker Template

Microsoft Excel 2005 or later versions are recommended to use the Grade Tracker. The latest versions of OpenOffice have also been shown to work in test siutaitons. Earlier version of Excel will open the spreadsheet; however, some equations may not work.


Every e-Tool in the e-Toolbox was reviewed by either a UDI Online Project research and design team member, or one or several faculty at five partner institutions who incorporated a specific e-Tool into an online or blended course they taught. Faculty from these partner institutions also requested that students review the e-Tool included in a course or products created through the use of the e-Tool (e.g., documents, videos, audio clips, or other items). Likert scale surveys with open-ended questions were used by respondents.  Feedback from the reviewing UDI Online team member or faculty who used a tool is presented in addition to student ratings when available.


e-Tool Review Results

Faculty e-Tool Review Results
Number of faculty reviewers: 1

A member of the project research and design team has reviewed this e-tool. This e-tool can help students set goals for grades in each course assignment and test and monitor their performance as assignments and tests are returned. Instructors could require the use of this tool as an opening assignment so students could calculate the grade needed for each assignment to acheive their goal grade in a class. The ability for students to track their progress makes this tool particularly useful.