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Time Management Strategies: University of Minnesota Assignment Calculator


Students, particularly those in online classes, often struggle with the time management aspects of long-term research projects. The University of Minnesota’'s Assignment Calculator (http://www.lib.umn.edu/help/calculator/) can help students set goals to ensure they successfully complete their projects in a timely fashion.

Higher education instructors may utilize this resource to assist their students as well. Faculty can simply encourage the use of the Assignment Calculator. Instructors can create a sample assignment calendar for a required research paper they are assigning. This calendar should include due dates for components of the assignment so that students can receive feedback on drafts of parts of the assignment as they are submitted and before the final papers are due. Faculty could also simply require students to submit a research calendar as a part of the assignment. All of these strategies would encourage students to utilize effective time management strategies.

Please click below for an audio of the introduction to the Assignment Calculator.


Instructions on How to Use the Assignment Calculator

Students simply type in the dates they will begin the assignment and the due date of the assignment. There is also an option to include the subject area, which may provide pertinent resource suggestions for the project. Students then receive an assignment schedule, which can help them pace the steps they need to complete to create a high quality research paper.

See the example assignment schedule below:

Technical Requirements and Where to Access the Assignment Calculator

No specific hardware or software is required to use the free University of Minnesota Assignment Calculator. The software does not require a download to your computer.

Go to http://www.lib.umn.edu/help/calculator/ to access the Assignment Calculator and create an assignment schedule.


Every e-Tool in the e-Toolbox was reviewed by either a UDI Online Project research and design team member, or one or several faculty at five partner institutions who incorporated a specific e-Tool into an online or blended course they taught. Faculty from these partner institutions also requested that students review the e-Tool included in a course or products created through the use of the e-Tool (e.g., documents, videos, audio clips, or other items). Likert scale surveys with open-ended questions were used by respondents.  Feedback from the reviewing UDI Online team member or faculty who used a tool is presented in addition to student ratings when available.


e-Tool Review Results

Faculty e-Tool Review Results
Number of faculty reviewers: 1

A member of the project research and design team has reviewed this e-tool. This tool can be easily used by faculty or students. It can be used by faculty to send reminders to students about the timely completion of component tasks required for a long-term project. Students could be asked to utilize this tool on their own to set reminders for themselves. This tool could be particularly useful to help students develop time-management strategies.